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If your roof is exhibiting moss or algae growth then an application of a fungicidal bio wash followed by full pressure clean will remedy the situation. The accumulation of these invasive growths can cause considerable damage to your tiled roof structure as well as dramatically reducing the overall appearance of your home or commercial premises.

At the initial survey an important factor that will be discussed is the safest method of access to be used, this could be either a tower or ladders or some premises may require a full scaffold to be erected if Health and Safety issues require this to be installed whilst the work is carried out. 

The downpipes for the guttering will be removed or blocked to ensure no moss or other muck can subsequently block the free flow of rain water.

Prior to the pressure washing some areas may need to be covered with tarpaulin sheets to protect sensitive areas and ensure a thorough ground floor clean up is as effective as possible full priority is given to neighbouring properties with any detritus removed from the premises.

A full and through pressure wash of the entire structure will then be undertaken, paying particular attention to any cracked or broken tiles or weathered mortar that has become apparent at this stage.

The cleaning phase will be complete once all evidence of moss and algae has been removed.

We can then move onto the next stage of carrying out any remedial roof repairs.

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We will also undertake minor roof repairs in most towns in Kent including Dartford, Bromley, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Chatham, Gillingham, Maidstone, Ashford and Canterbury.

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